It’s a dream to hit the jackpot in Mega Millions or Powerball. But with Gobigwin it’s a reality. It’s a service for purchasing tickets no matter where one lives.

Mega Millions is a lotto which everybody wants to win. 9 prize ranges, a $40 mln. jackpot and easy rules make the winning possible as never before. But what to do if you aren’t the USA resident? knows the solution.

The details about Gobigwin

The mentioned website contains a lot of information about lotteries from all parts of the world. The authors have taken 16 the most popular lotteries and wrote articles and guides for them. So now any visitor can become aware of the rules. Also, they provide clients with the tickets no matter where they live. So, after choosing the lottery, you can pay for the ticket and a special agent will buy it for you.

The secret of winning

How to win in Mega Millions? First of all, open the page of this lottery and read all rules. It’ll be clear that you need to pick only 5 numbers in a range 1 to 70and one special number from 1 to 25. Every Tuesday and Friday there’ll be an opportunity to get from $2 to $40 000 000. If you’re in doubt about choosing the numbers, read an “Information” section. The authors post guides and tips which work. And you can also put them randomly by pressing an “Easy-Pick” button.

Additional details to take into account

Attention! One can participate in a lotto only if he/she is at least 18 years old. Moreover, follow the rules and local law not to have problems after winning. Depending on the sum and country you’ll have to pay taxes.

As you can see, it’s very easy to become a millionaire. So check if you’re lucky!