Can’t find a suitable infant baby carrier? Today we’ll show the best of them, tell how they differ, and which things you should pay attention to. This article is like a short but full guide to all types of carriers. The special focus we’ll make on soft options as they are the most convenient as many parents say.

Infant baby carrier is a must-have for all young parents. If you want to buy one for your child, and hesitate about which one is this very variant we’ll show the main advantages of all types of such carriers and orientate in choice depending on the age and other conditions.

Looking for the best soft baby carrier? The important things which influence the choice

Your baby is growing, but you still need to carry your daughter or son on hands? So the carrier is a great solution. There are three main types of them: a kangaroo backpack, ergonomic backpack, and a sling. Soft options seem to be the most comfortable both for parents and toddlers. The conditions which define the type are the following:

– You use a carrier at home. So then, a ringsling or an ergonomic backpack is the best variant. Kangaroo option is also suitable, but doctors warn it’s not good for the health to carry a child in it for a long time.

– For walking. Ergonomic backpack, sling scarfб and mai slings are the types to pay attention to. A baby is always close to mother and able to sleep at any moment, the spine doesn’t strain and legs are relaxed.

The advantages of soft structured baby carrier

– Can be used from the first days of life;

– Multipurpose and suitable for everybody;

– Recommended by doctors.

So, when choosing a carrier, keep in mind the age of your child, the place where you’ll use a sling, and the period of time which your baby will spend in a carrier.