Top-3 things that everyone who earns on tokens should use. ICO Catalog is one of them. It’s a website with an objective cryptocurrency rating in which there are almost 300 coins.

When one starts earning cryptocurrency, there’s a need for additional services which protect and allow getting more profits. Today we’ll reveal some of them.

ICO rating

To be aware of what’s going on with crypto market, one needs to visit websites with ratings and charts. ICO Catalog is a service which represents top cryptocurrency list and analyzes tokens in different indexes. After studying the rating you’ll know which coins bring more traffic, which of them have more backlinks than the others and what’s the potency and activity of tokens.

Protected wallet

There are three main types of wallets. We recommend to choose paper-based ones as they are more secured than the others. Options with QR code are better than with passwords. But if hardware-controlled are suitable for you, they can provide you with necessary protection. We can’t say the same about software-based wallets as they are often hacked.

Mixing service

Try to mix your coins with such services. It’ll delete all personal information, and cyber-criminals won’t make you any harm. They work in a simple way: just send your coins to the service, they will be mixed with other tokens in special funds and given back to you in the same amount. But there won’t be information about your name and address. Choose only SSL-secured options.

As more and more coins appear every day, it’s a must to follow the tendencies and use tools which protect. Don’t ignore them and save much money.