Boost your incomes and gain popularity using a new method which described. Read this article to know more about it.

If you have an app it may be hard to gain something at once. Don’t be hopeless because there’s a great solution. Today we’ll speak about Incentive traffic, how it works and what results it gives.

Reward the potential users for popularity

On the first day of launching an app into Google Play or App Store, it’s useless to wait for great results. But there’s a method which surely will attract many downloads. It’s called Incentive traffic and it’s based on rewarding the potential users for playing in your game or editing pictures in your photo program. The creator should promise a person to give money, a bonus or discount. After that, he/she install an app and it becomes popular.

The results

In the end, your app is very popular and reaches the first places in different tops. You gain organic traffic and numbers which inspire trust for other people. There are advantages and downsides to this method. All users aren’t interested in the product and the chance they’ll save an app on the phone is very low. They’ll probably delete it and won’t recommend to anyone. Also, it’s hard to earn on such people.

How to use it wisely

The best way of using this traffic is to combine it with other promoting ways. It’ll be great if your product is of high quality so people will notice the convenience and stay with you. To know with which methods to combine and other tips of marketing and promoting visit