When you open an office it is usually done with a consideration that this is the place where you are planning to lead your business for many years. However, that doesn’t always work. There can be a bad reason to move from an office and there can be a good one – for example, your business is expanding and now you are going to move to a bigger office. We won’t disclose that, and what we are going to do is to review how to move to another office.
of course one of the best ways is to delegate this task to the professionals http://www.socalmovingservices.com, however, if you make it on your there some simple principles you need to adhere.
Coordinate work. Send on moving at least two representatives — one will be on old, and another — to the new address. During moving conflict situations are frequent: the new lessor doesn’t allow to use the elevator or the guard of old office doesn’t let in trucks of the moving companies to the territory. Most quicker such conflicts are settled by personal contact with the coordinator. Besides, take care of communication of employees among themselves. They can be supplied with radio sets.
Be determined with priorities in the new place. First of all, constitute the plan what things will be transported first of all. Secondly, organize work of services in the place. For example, proceeding from priorities, be determined when system administrators and when — packers and cleaners work. If not to provide it, then in 99% of cases there is a situation when while unpacking things the system administrator appears (computers and office equipment are more reasonable to transport first of all as a time for their connection will be required) which begins to shout: “quicker, I should connect computers”. The same with cleaners: quite often they come while the arrangement of furniture in places is taking place, and begin to slow down the process.
You don’t hurry with cleaning. According to representatives of the moving companies, you shouldn’t start cleaning on the first day at the new place. As a rule, completely it is possible to unpack and place furniture and office equipment in places for the second day after moving. Allocate additional resources for garbage removal: there can appear more than can be taken out by your regular cleaner.