Many people believe that bitcoin is anonymous and not tracked. This is fundamentally wrong. Because of this many began to use other coins since transactions in the BTC are easy to track. However, there is a great solution that provides the anonymity, a so-called bitcoin mixer like


BestMixer is a fast, reliable, and constantly improved bitcoin mixer with a large reserve (more than 2,000 BTC). is built taking into account requests and offers of bitcoin community, as well as a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of distributed cryptosystems. The service understands that their work is built on the trust of their clients and protects their reputation by making great efforts. The support service is available around the clock and is always ready to help. The mission of BestMixer is to contribute to the development of privacy technologies making transactions safe and untraceable.

Benefits of the service include:
• Unique mixing algorithms create untraceable transactions
• Large reserves of bitcoins allow to instantly complete orders for large amounts
• Configurable delays and percentage of distribution of funds
• Low fees with a discount system (up to 0.25%)
• Replication of input and output addresses
• It works on mobile devices
• Lifetime affiliate program with payouts of up to 50%
• A simple API for your services